Nursing and Attendant For Elderly


Our well trained attendants cover the following range of services:

  • Managing cleaning, grooming, bathing and feeding the patient
  • Monitoring the vitals of the patient
  • Assisting in patient movement within the home.
  • Medication management
  • Administering oxygen and operation of medical equipment


Our nursing staff or Mediamates are registered and qualified to provide specialisedand protocol-based home care, with adequate ICU experience in case of chronic disease management:

Your Medimate provides you, depending on the care plan taken :

Post surgical care
Liasioning with a specialist at a hospital
Medication management
Usage of tele-ECG for cardiac patients
Operation of the medical equipment needed at home
Nutrition monitoring.
Dementia Care
Palliative Care
Tracheostomy, wound, stoma care
Parenteral feeding
Urine catheterisation
Providing companionship
Suctioning and feed management
Mobility and Bedsore management
Respiratory care (nebulization, Bi PAP, O2 Concentrator management)
Dressing & Plaster Cast removal


Nurses and trained attendants can also be provided on 12 / 24 hour basis.

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